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Сircus Artists and original acts

Top professional Artists from all over the world. They performed thousands shows in famous Variete, Dinner Shows and Gala events, got their first prizes at world's competitions and festivals. Most of their tricks are unique, the combination of several disciplines in one act makes their performances exclusive and can’t be repeated by anyone else.


Young and beautiful girls in perfect shape with professional choreography. They've got great experience in different shows either at TOP projects, TV Shows and performing with POP Stars.

New technology entertainment

Led shows, Light painting, Lazer shows... We can suggest many options to choose the perfect way to admire your guests using latest technology of high tech entertainment.

Actors, Singers, Musicians

Comedy or Drama, Theatre or Cinema, POP, Rock, or classical music... We can help you with casting and talent scouting for any project with development and execute the perfect concept with any musical genre, live singing, together with band or only several musical instruments.

About OShow

OShow is the 1 show-production with magnificent combination of TOP professional Artists from all over the world.

Our amazing international team of outstanding Artists from Germany, France, USA and other countries,  provides unique Shows
since 2016.

Feel the admiration with OShow!

OShow in Cyprus provides

  • Outstanding performances and Shows with great variety of circus Artists, acrobats, aerial gymnasts, dancers, actors, singers, musicians, artists of original acts and specialty performers
  • Latest technology of high tech entertainment: LED shows, light painting, light shows
  • Professional choreography
  • Only high quality costumes and makeup design

We pay attention to every single detail of the entertainment production. We are talented and experienced team. We develop and execute the perfect concepts, creative ideas, casting and talent scouting.

5 reasons to book Artists for your event in OShow

  • We are the 1 show-agency in Cyprus that provides highest level of entertainment services
  • Our Artists have great experience at the best shows such as: Circus Du Soleil, Palazzo dinner shows, Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté, Circus Roncalli, WOW Show Israel, America’s Got Talent and many others
  • We cooperate with leading companies and hotels in Cyprus: 4 Seasons Hotel, Elysium Hotel, Amathus Hotel, and others
  • We provide customized services for every client
  • We used to do business with German manner of professional approach to production and agreements.

Our carefully selected cast will turn your event into the best experience

Whether it will be private or corporate event, from stunning outstanding acts to thematic and customized stage productions — our art is to create the best experience from the best Show!

Ochudan Show. Let’s wow the audiences!

OShow 2022